About Atty. Vincent S. Isles

I am Atty. Vincent S. Isles, and IslesV.net is my personal website.

I have a pretty rare surname in this part of the world (Cebu, Philippines), thus most of my friends and acquaintances outside of Sogod, Cebu (where I was born and where both sides of my family mostly reside) and Daanbantayan, Cebu (where I grew up) would address me as “Isles”. During my college days, I started using the username “islesv” in online interactions, and on February 21, 2008, I registered IslesV.net. I lost access to it sometime after I failed to renew it within the grace period, and I was too stingy to pay the redemption fee during the redemption period. On July 21, 2023, I re-registered it, after I noticed a few days before that it was already available for registration. At that time, most of the content I had produced and which were freely available on the Internet was on my AttyV.COM site. I hope to transform this website into a single repository for the content that I had produced.

I started writing for the web even before blogging became mainstream, starting with a static website at bentong.topcities.com and then a couple of subdomains on blogspot.com and wordpress.com. IslesV.net was the first domain name I registered.

I trained as a high school teacher in physics and mathematics and took up some graduate units which would have led to a Master of Education major in mathematics education, but in June 2009, I started my law school journey. I passed the 2013 Bar Examinations and signed the roll of attorneys on May 6, 2014, assigned Roll No. 62729. I had been in active private practice since then, sometimes finding myself in controversial cases such as the Christine Lee Silawan murder case and the Bambi Beltran “COVID-19 epicenter” controversy.

Media coverage:

Peter James Robinson case [June 2014]

Minglanilla kidnapping case [March 2017]

Sitio Silangan I demolition [July 2018, January-February 2019]

Christine Lee Silawan murder case (I represented the 17-year old suspect, later absolved of the charges) [March-April 2019]

Bambi Beltran COVID-19 ‘epicenter’ case (2 of the 3 cases had already been dismissed as of December 13, 2020) [April 2019]

Other mentions

Note: Cebu Daily News, starting January 1, 2019, became CDN Digital.

(Originally posted at AttyV.com on December 13, 2020.)