Dear Young Man,

Why are you distressed?

She may have scorned you, but that is no reason to fret.

You tell me you have lost something, you have lost everything. I understand that you feel that she was everything to you.

But you can never lose that which you never had. She was never yours; you could not lose her because she was never yours.

You invited her to your life; you requested her to allow you into her life. She refused. She has her reasons, and she does not owe you an explanation.

Instead of shedding tears, smile. Surely you are not the only one who had looked at her with adoring eyes, and yet you are one of those few who had the courage to tell her how smitten you are. That in itself is an achievement; that she had allowed you to do so is already a privilege. You had been privileged, why are you crying?

Ah, you tell me that you will never have her in your life. That is so selfish! If you truly love her, you would look at things from her perspective. Perhaps there was a thing or two about you that she does not like, that she thinks she could not accept in a partner. Understand her!

Ah, you tell me that you have lost your happiness. But what about hers? Have you considered that perhaps she would be happier in the arms of another? If you truly love her, you would find her happiness to be your happiness, even if it means not being with you.

You do not have to conquer a mountain to appreciate it. Just let her be. Admire her from a distance, love her in a truly magnificent way.

Your friend,

Vince Isles