I happen to come across this daily examination of conscience from my olden days, hahaha:

Proper Use of Time

  1. Did I prepare a to-do list before going to sleep the previous night?
  2. Did I religiously try to finish all the tasks I need to do today?
  3. Did I waste time in idle talk, useless Internet browsing, Facebook, and other timewasters?
  4. Did I utilize each and every second of my waking day to accomplish tasks?
  5. Did I spend too much time on eating lunch, spending more than what is really necessary?
  6. Are there pending tasks on my desk?
  7. Did I work on important and pending tasks first before spending time on Facebook?
  8. Did I speak only what is necessary, and only with the necessary people?


Proper Use of Money

  1. Are my budgets updated?
  2. Did I try to derive the most value from my money today?
  3. Did I buy on impulse?
  4. Did I buy something which I really do not need?
  5. Have I saved something today?
  6. Did I keep track of my expenses today?



  1. Did I give my employers and clients today fair work for what they are paying me?
  2. Did I strive to provide the most professional service to my clients?
  3. Was I able to meet deadlines?
  4. Did I leave my desk clean at the end of the day?
  5. Did I prepare for my classes?
  6. Did I check papers and return them on time?



  1. Was I charitable to my family today?
  2. Was I particularly conscious of the needs of my aging parents?
  3. Did I provide a good example to my siblings and children?