UPDATE 3/25/17 8:46PM: Apparently, CDN Editor-in-Chief Edra L. Benedicto messaged me yesterday at 5:03 P.M. that they could accommodate the reply only on Tuesday, 3/28/17 due to the opinion pages being already full from today to Monday. I only saw the message a few minutes ago, when Ms. Benedicto added me on FB and as a matter of procedure, I wanted to message her if I knew her personally.
I spent 10 minutes of my life looking for and 10 pesos of my hard-earned money buying today’s Cebu Daily News (CDN) issue only to realize that they did not print today my reply to their malicious editorial yesterday which characterized my clients as guilty of the crime accused against them. This, despite that through their Facebook page they have informed me by 4:39 P.M. that the reply will see print (see pic). Probably they’ll publish it tomorrow, but what use publishing a reply to an editorial two or more days after it was published in a world where people’s attention span is limited to quick Facebook posts? After today, I think most readers of CDN would even wonder who I’m referring to, unless they are really focused on the issue.
Indeed, the power of the press belongs to those who own one. I might as well start saving so I could publish myself a newspaper of my own by the time I’ll be 75 years old.
I like SunStar Cebu better than CDN, and that’s not just because Kevin A. Lagunda drinks Red Horse but Ador Mayol doesn’t.
EDIT: Added pic.