If you are a newer lawyer than me and you want to ask me how to do things around, listen to me and do it the legal, moral, ethical way. Don’t ask me about those “magic”, “expensive” procedures even if your clients could afford and are willing to pay, because, the f*ck, even though some are corrupt, not everyone in the justice system could be paid off! Why not just study the case, do the best for your client, and pray that the adjudicating officer or whoever is preparing the decision would be guided by the Holy Spirit or whatever higher being or ideal do you believe in when he or she decides?
Once you start paying, when will you stop? Don’t you realize that lawyers do talk about others who can make a case disappear and yet are hopelessly clueless even through a simple cross-examination? (Alright, there are some who could allegedly pay off certain people AND study cases as if preparing for the bar exams. The antidote to them had not been invented yet.)
I do not care if you will overtake me in the number of cases won. As far as I am concerned, the true metric of good lawyering is not the cases won or lost, but how justice was done.
Do not make it an issue that I still drive a “dirty, old, inefficient” Honda Wave motorcycle on my 4th year of service – for the record, my Honda Wave MC is a very efficient machine, averaging 35km/liter now on its 2nd year. As to its dirt, bring pail and rags yourself when you pass by my motorcycle at Qimonda if it is such an issue to you.
True, I neither have a car nor a condominium on my 4th year of lawyering. I could barely pay off my share of the expenses at the office. But to judge a lawyer’s ability by the amount of money he rakes in every month is to reduce lawyers to mere businessman. Aw magnegosyo na lang ta ani. Anyway, money is not really that important to me, as long as I have a little to spare for Emperador Light* every night. I was born poor, I have no problem dying poor. I have no second or third families to spend on or women to maintain. I don’t even have a wife or a girlfriend – and it hurts when you remind me of that.
I have no problem if you won’t accept a case before the client pays off the entire acceptance fee – that’s your choice, but please don’t make fun of my inability to collect from clients whose cases had already been terminated but had forgotten to completely pay off my professional services. These people are praying every day for my safety because they know that the executor of my will will demand them to pay up the moment I die.
Insult me again about my choices in our field, Attorney, and I will surely make sure that those with lower roll numbers than us would know what a corrupt mind lurks behind your title.
Vince Isles
No. 62729
* Yep, I am an Empe Light guy now. So long Red Horse.