Me: Did you at any time love the petitioner?

Respondent: No. We just had sex. It sounds selfish, and I am sorry, but I never loved her, I just used her for sex.

Court: Then why are you opposing the protection order?

Respondent’s counsel: If I may say something, Your Honor, the selfishness of the respondent is not a ground for the issuance of the protection order.

Court: It is.

Respondent’s counsel: It is not.

Court: Atty. Isles?

Me: I am not selfish when it comes to sex, Your Honor.




Court staff who went inside the courtroom for some reason but forgot the reason he came in when he was met by a deafening silence:

Respondent’s counsel:



Petitioner’s mother:

Petitioner’s sister:

Petitioner’s new lover: