We are gathered tonight, Cebuanos from all walks of life, to lift our heads to the heavens, and ask for Divine Intervention to guide the leaders of our land in the right path of where to bring this country forward.

We are assembled now, Filipinos from all political colors, to celebrate our unity in our call for respect for our Constitutional process and our appeal to deference for the rule of law.

The Supreme Court will decide on the Quo Warranto Petition against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno. They can decide to grant it, and in the process shake the very core of our Constitutional Republic. For by granting the Quo Warranto Petition against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, the Supreme Court would open all other impeachable officers, the members of the Supreme Court included, from threats of Quo Warranto Petitions against their positions, positions which in the wisdom of the constitutional framers of our land had been made sacrosanct so that they can only be challenged through impeachment, in order to make sure that the delicate check-and-balance fundamental to our vibrant democracy be maintained.

We come together in the darkness of the night, to pray for enlightenment for the magistrates in our Highest Court, that they may see that despite their personal issues with the Honorable Chief Justice, the perpetuation of a working and workable check-and-balance system – which will be destroyed by allowing the Quo Warranto Petition – is greater than themselves and their interpersonal dynamics.

We converge as one people, for a non-pollitical assembly, because we believe that there are ideals beyond our politics, there are principles beyond our individual selves. May God bless us for coming tonight, may God bless His Pearl in the Orient Seas.