We join the rest of the members of the Cebu Citizens’ Assembly in tonight’s vigil for truth, a vigil for our beloved country.

Tonight we look up to the heavens and ask intervention from the Supreme Being, the God of History and Men, that He may touch the hearts of our Supreme Court magistrates so that they may see that allowing the Quo Warranto Petition against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno will weaken, if not entirely destroy, the delicate check-and-balance of our working democracy.

In the uncertainty that we are facing today, with the multiple challenges our country is reckoning with, our lifting up of our concerns to the Lord may create miracles, as certainly such Divine Intervention occurred in the past. After all, He is the God of Justice and of Peace, and while at times He may be silent in the affairs of men, time and time again He has shown that He will never leave us behind. In the darkest of the nights, a beckon of light may yet rise forth, sent to us by Divine Providence.

This is a non-political rally, and we are not expecting fiery speeches. We simply bring our concerns to the Lord, the Ultimate Lawgiver and Supreme Judge. May He enlighten the minds of our leaders, that they may be guided to steer the course of the ship of State into clearer waters and comprehensible directions, not the current one we find ourselves in.

God bless this country and God bless each one of us.