As some of my past and current clients have known, I’ve been personally campaigning to them to vote for the Otso Diretso senatorial candidates – MATH GRAD: Macalintal, Alejano, Tañada, Hilbay, Gutoc, Roxas, Aquino, and Diokno.

A friend commented that even if I am able to convince the 415 clients assigned folder numbers in my files, and each would be able to convince 10 others, I would still only end up with 4,565 (11 x 415) votes for Otso Diretso.

I told him I respect his opinion, but I would continue what I am doing. Democracy is built upon our collective ideals of who we are as a people, expressed through the electoral system. I have decided that the eight are our best chance to redeem ourselves as a people, and I am going to convince the people whom I have helped that the eight are our best chance to redeem ourselves as a people. Of course it is another thing whether they would agree with me or not, but so far, the response had been positive although some had told me I should have started campaigning earlier as most in the Otso Diretso are less publicly known than most other candidates.

I frankly do not know what would happen on May 13. I am praying and doing everything within my personal capacity to make sure that the eight gets into the Magic 12. But I am just one of the millions of voters in our Republic. I can try to convince so many x voters, but their real decision would be only known on May 13. Maybe the eight or some of them or none of them would be in the Senate. I do not know. But I have tried and would try my best to push who I believe should be there in the Senate, and if not all of them, or even if none of them would win a Senate seat, I would still face my friends proudly, knowing that I stood for what is right, because, in my heart of hearts, I believe that that is what is expected of every Filipino – to stand up for what is right.