Dear NBI,
If this Cj Diaz account <> is owned and controlled by Child X, tell me how a 17-year old child would have the foresight and planning to make it appear that he has an elder sister, a sister he consistently referred to in his messages to the victim, forty-eight (48) days before the murder?

Look at his post on 21 January 2019, and click on the comment by Shakira May Guevera <> and consider this sequence of messages, in reply to that comment:

4:25 pm – “Par pati c budong at criza ginamit mong profile” by a certain “Marialyn Dela Cruz”<>
4:32 pm – “Ate nman ouh,,” – Cj Diaz
5:29 pm – “Ouh,,,sya sya hindi na.ako mangulit sau” – Marialyn Dela Cruz
5:30 pm – “Marialyn Dela Cruz hehhe Bakit namn po ?it’s OK po kulitan Time ??” by Shakira
5:31 pm – “Gusto ko lng mka usap ka ng message na ako sau pro wla kang rply sa akin kaya accept mo nman ako” by Marialyn

You cannot deny that as late as few hours before the murder, this Cj Diaz was messaging the victim and referring to his elder sister – this is unknown to the public, but you have attached this to your complaint.
Since Child X does not have an elder sister, if Cj Diaz = Child X, then the mention about the elder sister, both in the public profile and in private messages, should just be a ploy to deflect attention from Child X. But this mention in the public profile occurred almost two months BEFORE the murder.
Any reasonable person, even without training in criminology or child psychology, would see that this could not have been done by a 17-year old.
Every second you spend maligning my client by releasing tidbits to the media is a second lost to investigating who is really behind this Cj Diaz account. The real killer is still out there, and we are spending government resources on following a false lead, destroying one more life in the process. I, too, just like you, prays for justice for Christine. But we cannot have justice by hailing to court an innocent child.