I once went on an overnight, out-of-town escapade with a girl.

My overindulgence with island food and alcohol, and the fact that we slept naked, resulted in the most copious sh*t I had the next morning. It was all over the insides of the bowl.

I tried flushing twice, but I was not able to remove some left-over sh*t. There was no pail or dipper or that thing which I used to call bidet which I could use to target water into those leftovers.

Embarrassed, but without any choice left, I asked her if she has any idea how to solve my predicament. She found it funny that I did not know that putting tissue paper over those things and then flushing would do the trick. It did, and we returned to Cebu, happy and contented, and I with one new learning: how to get rid of leftover sh*t in the toilet bowl.

We broke up a couple of months down the road though. But I still remember her whenever I have explosive diarrhea and I have to flush the toilet at least twice. Sometimes I have to use the tissue trick.