Here’s another good bill which should become law lost in the unthinking criticism of our Congress just because a good number in our government are messing up things and not doing their jobs.

Just like the anti-stealthing bill, I support this bill. If made into law, it requires the President to designate a successor when there is a possibility that the President, the Vice-President, the Senate President and the House Speaker will all at the same time be gone, and it is not clear who should act as the caretaker President.

There is nothing unconstitutional about this bill if passed into law. In fact, the Constitution itself mandates that Congress shall provide by law a line of succession after the top four persons.

It does not remove the Vice-President from the line of succession.

Right now, it is not clear what happens if all four are gone at the same time – who shall lead the country? Under the current legal setup, it would probably be the military who will have the say who shall act as caretaker President. After all, when there are no rules, might is right, and the military control the lethal forces of the state.