Sa Binisaya pa ni, mao ni gitawag nga pina-M, pinamaayo, pinasweto. That’s when you attempt to display knowledge which in fact you don’t possess.

Admitting that one is mistaken is quite difficult, but you owe intellectual honesty to those within your circle of influence. In the end, when the dust settles, they will remember who mislead them and who pointed them to the proper path.

Splitting hairs over between the U.S. government having the authority to ban PH government officials responsible for Sen. Leila de Lima’s persecution and exercising that authority is more convulated than just plain and simple erratum that one was mistaken in one’s initial interpretation. Such attitude – to continue holding to an interpretation despite the fact that one is shown to have been mistaken – is clearly not to be expected in a “thinking” person. Nieto should elect whether to continue in his ways or stop using “Thinking” in his blog name. He can’t have both.

Thinking Pinoy’s December 31, 2019 post