Matod sa Section 1, Rule 129 sa Rules of Court: “A court shall take judicial notice, without the introduction of evidence, of the existence and territorial extent of states, their political history, forms of government and symbols of nationality, the law of nations, the admiralty and maritime courts of the world and their seals, the political constitution and history of the Philippines, the official acts of legislative, executive and judicial departments of the Philippines, the laws of nature, the measure of time, and the geographical divisions.”

Kini ang mga butang nga gikinahanglan ang korte mo-take og judicial notice (mandatory).

Mahimo usab ang discretionary judicial notice: “A court may take judicial notice of matters which are of public knowledge, or are capable to unquestionable demonstration, or ought to be known to judges because of their judicial functions.”


Pananglitan, nga kagahapon (Enero 19, 2020) mao ang Sinulog Grand Parade, usa ka butang nga public knowledge. O nga kon silaban ang gasolina moulbo kini, “capable of unquestionable demonstration.”

May mga butang usab nga “ought to be known to judges because of their judicial functions.” Ang example niini mao ang gibutang sa order sa usa ka huwes: “By failing to report for work for such a long period of time and with no Acting Judge designated to temporarily take over, one can imagine the heavy pressure of workload the undersigned Judge was facing when he reported back for work. The more the said pressure became greater when, after reporting for work, he was confronted with the so-called ‘police quota’ whereby subordinate police officers were pressured by their superior officers to come up with the required number of cases to be filed in court through the filing of several applications for issuance of Search Warrants if only to come up with the said quota, this not to mention that with the advent of the war against drugs of the present Administration of the Republic, more and more drugs cases and other related cases were and are filed before this court.”

Dugay na pod ta nga nakadungog niining giingong quota system, diin ang mga pulis mohimo og pagpangdakop binase sa gidaghanon nga giorder gikan sa taas. Apan karon na ana gyoy huwes nga nag-judicial notice sa quota system.

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