They say that the first rule of this quarantine period is not to fall in love, because everyone is bored.

But I had admired you from afar since I knew you last year. Our respective circumstances then just did not allow me to get closer to you. You were with someone, and I was pursuing someone. I went out of my relationship because it was unsustainable; you left yours for reasons of your own.

This quarantine freed up so much time in our respective lives, time we would have spent on carving out our careers had there been no crisis. I finally got to know you more without violating some gentleman rule of conduct, because you were already free.

To know is to love. And as I get to know you more, I love you more. I love you not just because of your beauty and intelligence, but also because life has thrown so much at you, and yet here you are, strong, unbroken. I hope that someday you will accept me fully into your life – to be your partner in facing its difficulties, your companion in handling the pains and the hurts, someone you share your successes and joys with.