Pastilan ning mga anonymous account nga isog lang kay nagtakoban ug wala magpaila kon kinsa gyod sila. Pero aron di ninyo ma-mislead ang lungsod sa Daanbantayan, let me just clarify a few things:

1. Duha ra ka abogado ang sweldado sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan isip mga consultant, ako isip Legal Management Consultant, ug si Atty. Ben Cabrido, isip Environmental Management Consultant. Kay si Sir Ben wala man gyod ma-associate isip “lawyer for the oppressed” kay mas nailhan man siya nga environmental lawyer, obvious kaayo nga ako maoy imo gipasabot.

2. For the record, I have not received any instruction from Mayor Sun Shimura either in his personal capacity or as our local chief executive to prepare charges against Ms. Marlyn Yaun or any of those who shared her post. If indeed Ms. Yaun would be prosecuted, it would be our Philippine National Police who would prepare the charges, and it would be one of the fiscals from the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Cebu who would handle the case in court. Obviously, I cannot represent Ms. Yaun, because of the glaring conflict of interest.

3. I admit that I am receiving some form of compensation from the municipality, for the services I am rendering the municipality. My contract of service had been reviewed and approved by the Sangguniang Bayan, and is thus the will of the people of Daanbantayan. My client in that Contract of Service is the municipality. The municipality deals with me through Mayor Shimura.

I do also represent Gen. Vicente Loot and our former mayor Malou Loot in a few cases, for which I am receiving a separate compensation. There is no prohibition in our lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility for this arrangement. The spouses Loot took me as one of their lawyers months before the municipality took me as a Legal Management Consultant.

So just to be clear: you cannot require me to choose between the Loots and the municipality. They are all my clients.

4. For the record, I am not one of the lawyers of Saballones. I admit though that I used to collaborate on certain cases with the late Atty. Jonah John Ungab, who was a very competent lawyer himself. As far as I know, however, Atty. Ungab had never been engaged by Saballones.

5. Your post is a cheap trick to mislead the Kandayan-ons and foment anger against the current administration when there is none. The municipal government, led by our Honorable Mayor, is doing its best to help our townspeople in these trying times. The confusion brought about by Ms. Yaun’s post was duly addressed by the right persons.

If you are truly brave, accuse me exposing your true identity. Do not insinuate that I am in this only for the money, because if that were so, I would have already left Daanbantayan years ago – I am the only member of our family now who still identifies himself as a Kandayan-on, as all my siblings and my mother are already back in Sogod. I loved Daanbantayan as an adopted child loves his adoptive parent – though not born in Daanbantayan, it was in our town that I grew and learned about the world, where I had my first erotic love and my first disappointment. It was in the playgrounds of the Daanbantayan Central School where I learned how to fight fiercely but fairly. My affinity for the poor and the oppressed is because the Daanbantayan I saw was one of opportunity and upward mobility, but in college I was teleported to the slums of Lorega and San Miguel. I accepted the contract with the municipality because I want to give back to the town which molded me.

Ang akong isugyot nimo, imbes nga mag-post kag ingon ani, motabang ka og unsa may angay kubi-kubion karong panahona, pag-repack ba kaha sa mga relief goods, o pagpahibalo ngadto sa lungsod sa tinuod nga mga impormasyon kabahin ning virus nga atong giatubang. Mas mapuslan pa ang imong oras.

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