As part of cleaning up for this New Year, I decided to delete existing accounts in some websites which I am not anymore using.

One of them is Mint, a web app which is used to keep track of your income and expenses. I use a simpler method, just a spreadsheet in my laptop.

To delete my account at, I logged into it ( redirects to, select “Settings” from the top menu, click on “Intuit Account”, which then brings me to

I then click on “Delete”, and gets presented with a screen asking me why I want to delete my data.

  • I want to delete my linked financial accounts (banks/credit cards) from Mint.
  • I have multiple Intuit Accounts and want to simplify.
  • I no longer want my data to be in Mint.
  • Another reason.

I chose the third one, because that is the real reason.

I then get presented with three additional screens, all designed to dissuade me from deleting my data. But I am already convinced so I just keep on clicking on “Continue”.

The final screen asks for my password, but even if I enter my current password, it tells me that the password is invalid:

I logged out and logged in just to confirm that I have the correct password, and indeed I could log in, but still, I receive the “invalid_password” message whenever I reach the (probably) last screen of the deletion process.