Contact Atty. Vincent S. Isles

You can contact me through any of the following channels:

  • Mobile (Mobile/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram): 0963-382-0073
  • Landline: (032) 234-4763
  • Facebook Messenger (text chat, video call, or audio call):
  • Email/Skype/Hangouts/Teams:

Save my contact information – scan the QR code below using a compatible device and get my information in VCF format.

Isles Law Office QR Code

Please note that I do not entertain consultations over these channels unless certain conditions are met (see below).

I am usually asleep 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M., Philippine time. Outside of these hours, even on weekends and holidays, I am generally available, but if I keep on cancelling your call, that means that I am engaged in some other activity. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit Me

I have a physical office at Room 3E, Lozada-Fernandez Bldg., J. Alcantara St. (a.k.a. Private Road/P. del Rosario Ext.), Brgy. Sambag I, Cebu City, Philippines:

Short URL for the map above:

You can also search on Google Maps “V. Isles & Co. Law Firm” to get our exact address.

J. Alcantara St., also known as Private Road or P. del Rosario Ext., is the street which is almost parallel to N. Bacalso Ave. (national highway) from the corner of Emall/Asian College Technology (ACT)/Kalubihan Barangay Hall.

J. Alcantara St. goes from the intersection at J. Alcantara St., N. Bacalso Ave., Leon Kilat St., and P. del Rosario St., to V. Rama Avenue, a length of more than one kilometer. My office is closer to the V. Rama end than to the Emall end. House and building numbers are increasing from the Emall end moving to V. Rama, and the compound where the Lozada-Fernandez Bldg. is located is numbered 102 J. Alcantara St.

If you are travelling southbound, you will pass by the main gate of the University of San Carlos (USC) South Campus, also known as USC Girls High School. The property immediately to the south of USC Girls High School is with a Leni/Kakampink mural right now. Across the street, before the bridge (to your left, because you are travelling south) is a compound with two vehicle screen gates and a screen gate for persons in between; all three gates are now colored pink. That is the Lozada-Fernandez Compound, and inside the compound is a three-story building: that is the Lozada-Fernandez Bldg. My office is Room 3E, located at the third floor. The entire third floor of the building is the office of our law firm V. Isles & Co. Law Firm, of which I am the managing partner.

If you are travelling northbound from V. Rama, the Lozada-Fernandez compound is immediately after the bridge, and it would be to your right.

As of writing (2023/07/22), there is no name on the building yet, and there is no signage in front of our compound. (Yeah, yeah, I will get to that.)

If you are familiar with the Pagtambayayong Foundation and/or Lihok Pilipina, the Lozada-Fernandez Building is the building closest to J. Alcantara St., in front of both Pagtambayayong and Lihok Pilipina.

How to get to the office: If you are using private transportation or individualized services such as taxis, Grab Car, or habal-habal: If coming from Emall, you instruct your driver to traverse the length of J. Alcantara St. / Private Road / P. del Rosario Ext. until just before you reach the bridge over Guadalupe River; on your left (across the street) would be the Lozada-Fernandez compound (two gates for vehicles and a gate for persons in between the two, the three gates made of screen and colored pink). If coming from V. Rama, the Lozada-Fernandez compound is right after the bridge, on your right.

If you are riding a jeepney: The 01K jeepney route will first traverse through the labyrinth we collectively call as Urgello, but eventually it will get out and turn left to J. Alcantara St. from A. Tormis St., at which point you should ask to be disembarked. They routinely stop near that corner anyway, right after turning left into J. Alcantara St. From that point, you should move south, pass by what used to be the 711 store in front of the main gate of USC South Campus, and continue walking until just before you get to the bridge, and on your left you should be able to see the Lozada-Fernandez compound, as described above. (From corner A. Tormis St. to 102 J. Alcantara St. is about 140 meters.)

I have noticed that some 01C jeepneys pass in front of the office.

If you are riding a 06G jeepney from Guadalupe to Colon, disembark right after the Shell gasoline station in Calamba and enter J. Alcantara St. Our office is just a walking distance.

Parking area: There are currently six parking slots inside the compound, five of which are reserved. Additionally, you need go down a steep incline, and you need to get out with your rear end first, something you should probably not try the first time when you visit my office. (You can go in with your rear end first, and thus get out with your front ahead, but you would usually receive curses from drivers on the road while you are trying to get in your rear end.)

Other options are to park between the right vehicle gate and the gate for persons, or in front of the left vehicle gate (as we rarely use that gate), or to park across the street, but these are subject to random Cebu City Traffic Operations (CCTO) clamping operations, although in the three years that I had been here, it has never happened, and during the USC graduations in June 2022, only the sidewalk closest to USC was monitored by the CCTO. You can also surreptitiously park beside the building of 7 Days Inn or in front of that of Datu’s Grill (both towards V. Rama) or in front of the University of San Carlos – South Campus (a.k.a. Girls’ High), but take note that these are parking slots reserved for the clients of the said establishments, not clients of my office.

(I am working on coming up with better parking options for the office, but it’s not high priority in my list of tasks.)

I will not entertain clients without a prior appointment, and I am not usually in the office.

Please secure a schedule prior to visiting the office using the channels above. If you won’t there’s a very high chance that I would not be able to address your concerns either because I am not in the office or I am working on something else.

Face masks are required to be worn inside the office.


Consultation fee at the office is PHP 500.00 for each half-hour or a fraction thereof.

Tele-Consult with Me

Alternatively, you can consult through the channels listed above. For tele-consultation, the following conditions must be met:

  1. I have already received the payment;
  2. you have already sent high definition pictures of the documents to if your concern involves documents; and
  3. we have already agreed on a mutually convenient schedule.

Contact me through the channels listed above to learn how to process your payment.


Video or audio calls will cost you PHP 1,500.00 per hour or a fraction thereof. The same fee is expected for a single concern processed through non-audio/non-video channels.

Send Mail to Me

You can use the following address to send mail to me:

V. Isles & Co. Law Firm
102 J. Alcantara St., Brgy. Sambag I
6000 Cebu City