Malasakit Centers Act

Republic Act No. 11463, approved December 3, 2019, which established a Malasakit Center in all Department of Health (DOH) Hospitals, and a Malasakit Program Office in the DOH by augmenting, reclassifying and strengthening the existing Public Assistance Unit (PAU) of the DOH.

A Malasakit Center is expected to:

(a) Serve as a one-stop shop for medical and financial assistance;

(b) Provide patient navigation and referral to the health care provider networks;

(c) Provide information with regard to membership, coverage and benefit packages in the National Health Insurance Program;

(d) Document, process, and utilize data from patient experience through a standardized form to shape institutional changes in the hospital;

(e) Provide capacity-building and performance evaluation to ensure good client interaction; and

(f) Provide critical information on healthy behaviors and conduct health promotion activities in the hospital.