Record history

Record history refers to an entry in the PhilSys consisting of the information regarding a registered person in connection with his or her entries in the system and his or her PhilID, as follows: (1) Date of filing of the application for registration and the particulars thereof; (2) Date of filing of every application for modification and the particulars thereof; (3) Modification of entry made, the date such modification was made, and the document/s or other proof submitted in support thereof; (4) Reason for the omission of any entry; (5) Dates of issuance, reissuance, and cancellation of the PhilID, and including the reasons therefor; (6) Details of authentication requests processed by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA),including the date the request was made and processed, the requesting entity, and the response provided by PhilSys; (7) Disclosure, conveyance, dissemination, publication and use of information by third parties; and (8) Other relevant information regarding the registration, modification, and authentication of personal information of a citizen or resident alien under R.A. No. 11055. (Sec. 5(i), R.A. No. 11055)