An insured deposit means the amount due to any bona fide depositor for legitimate deposits in an insured bank as of the date of closure but not to exceed Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00). Such amount shall be determined according to such regulations as the Board of Directors of the PDIC may prescribe. In determining such amount due to any depositor, there shall be added together all deposits in the bank maintained in the same right and capacity for his or her benefit either in his or her own name or in the name of others. A joint account regardless of whether the conjunction 'and', 'or', 'and/or' is used, shall be insured separately from any individually-owned deposit account: Provided, That (1) if the account is held jointly by two or more natural persons, or by two or more juridical persons or entities, the maximum insured deposit shall be divided into as many equal shares as there are individuals, juridical persons or entities, unless a different sharing is stipulated in the document of deposit, and (2) if the account is held by a juridical person or entity jointly with one or more natural persons, the maximum insured deposit shall be presumed to belong entirely to such juridical person or entity: Provided, further, That the aggregate of the interest of each co-owner over several joint accounts, whether owned by the same or different combinations of individuals, juridical persons or entities, shall likewise be subject to the maximum insured deposit of Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00): Provided, furthermore, That the provisions of any law to the contrary notwithstanding, no owner/holder of any passbook, certificate of deposit or other evidence of deposit shall be recognized as a depositor entitled to the rights provided in R.A. No. 3591 as amended unless the passbook, certificate of deposit or other evidence of deposit is determined by the Corporation to be an authentic document or record of the issuing bank: Provided, finally, That in case of a condition that threatens the monetary and financial stability of the banking system that may have systemic consequences, as defined in Section 22 of R.A. No. 3591 as amended, as determined by the Monetary Board, the maximum deposit insurance cover may be adjusted in such amount, for such a period, and/or for such deposit products, as may be determined by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors in a meeting called for the purpose and chaired by the Secretary of Finance, subject to the approval of the President of the Philippines. (Sec. 5(j), R.A. No. 3591, as renumbered and amended by R.A. No. 10846)