A person is deemed to be in the practice of nutrition and dietetics within the meaning and intent of Republic Act No. 10862 when he/she, for a fee, salary or other reward or compensation, paid to the individual or through another person or even without such rewards or compensation, renders or offers to render professional services in nutrition and dietetics such as:

(a) Providing medical nutrition therapy through the application of the Nutrition Care Process for purposes of disease prevention, treatment and management;

(b) Optimizing the health and well-being of patients/clients through the delivery of quality products, programs and services;

(c) Promoting nutritional health and well-being of individuals, groups, communities and populations;

(d) Setting standards, guidelines and policies that create and encourage an environment that supports nutritional health;

(e) Managing food and nutrition systems, including programs, projects and services;

(f) Facilitating and conducting food, nutrition and related research across a variety of practice settings; and

(g) Educating and training others about food and nutrition in a variety of practice settings.

The Professional Regulatory Board of Nutritition and Dietetics, subject to the approval by the Professional Regulation Commission and in consultation with the accredited integrated professional organization (AIPO), may modify the scope of practice specified above as the need arises in order to keep the same aligned with local and international developments: Provided, That such modifications are consistent with the enumeration above. (Sec. 26, R.A. No. 10862)